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miShell Oyster Farm Management App


miShell improves productivity and profitability by easily recording, analysing and

prioritising work on your shellfish farm!

Your best friend in oyster farm management!

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Join the world's new breed of "Smart Ocean Farmers" using miShell for their small, medium and corporate operations. 

Be on the platform that enables new technologies and innovation to help you lead the way in growing sustainable food for the future!

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Informative dashboard.

Focus your time where it counts.

Ensure stock traceability.


Designed by South Australian farmers,

for farmers.  View and manage your farm your way.


Low cost, scalable subscription. Easily set-up your farm with online help and tutorials. 

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productive & profitable

Prevent missing grades & losing stock

Make informed decisions.

Add value to your farm.

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farming @ your fingertips

Use anywhere, anytime, any device.

Smartphone on the boat, desktop in the shed or a tablet at home (on holidays) with your feet up!

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An informative dashboard that shows your farm stock levels and sizes of stock at a glance.  Use the awesome colour-coded stock analysis, graphical and standard farm views.  miShell helps you to prioritise work for the day/week/month, produce grade lists and sampling lists.  You can see history of your stock and lines, easily record stock movements and maintain traceability for credentialing.  With miShell you can even monitor the performance of each batch on the farm.




You are a farmer, not a computer geek!  miShell has been designed by South Australian oyster farmers for farmers.  It can be used anywhere, anytime on any device by simply using your web browser (Chrome).  With a 'Less clicks, the better' approach, ensuring that you can use miShell easily to do what you need to do!





You can set up your own farm using our online help and video tutorials. miShell has been designed to be affordable, with a low-cost, scaleable subscription model based on your stock levels.  Contact us for more information.

productivity & profitability


miShell helps you to handle stock on time for best outcomes, never lose track of stock again!  It allows you to focus efforts on high payoff activities resulting in efficient resource usage. Spend less time recording and collating information and more time making informed decisions that will improve your business. A 1% improvement could mean $000s to your bottom line.  Best of all, see your stock values at a glance and next time you meet with your accountant/bank manager, business partner/investor have all the info they need at your finger tips!

farming @ your fingertips


miShell has been designed for you to use anywhere, anytime on any device that has a web browser (Chrome).  It is cloud-based allowing you to manage your farm remotely and keep track of what the team are doing and how your stock is being handled.  With miShell helping you to run your farm, you can holiday in the Bahamas and still keep an eye on things!

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Request a demo

To arrange a product demo or ask a question, please fill in your contact details. We will be in touch with you shortly.

Mark Binder

Wild West Oysters

Smoky Bay

2017 2018 2019 Winner SA Best Premium

Dozen in 1/2 Shell

2nd place 2019 Best Commerical

Dozen Oysters in 1/2 Shell

I use it every day, has made things much easier for me especially this year with so many different batches. It’s great to be able to see numbers on the lease accurately, while my survival hasn’t been what I’d hope for, at least I know earlier and can plan accordingly.




Lester Marshall

Coffin Bay Oyster Farm

miShell is


Lynton & Jocey

Smoky Bay Oysters

miShell gives us confidence of full traceability of each and every batch, group and oyster on the farm.  It allows us to effectively manage our day to day farm maintenance activities, control stock, program sales events and forward plan for efficient farm operations.  It’s easy mobile interface makes it effective for onshore and offshore function.  We can also manage the farm remotely while we’re away for uninterrupted operations and work programming.  It even takes the headache out of EOFY stocktake and allows us to interrogate the performance of stock and leases to optimise spat deployment and on-farm translocations throughout the year.  miShell has had big impacts for our small family owned & operated business.

Steve 'Thommo' Thomson

Gazander Oysters

Coffin Bay

MiShell is a versatile farm management system that suits farms of all sizes and multiple sites. Each grower can personalise to level of detail they require for their own business.

MiShell has become by far the most important farm management tool within our business. I can see historically where each oyster has been introduced to site from hatchery and its location and grading process until it leaves the site for harvest.

The ease of use is excellent and makes entering data streamlined and efficient.

Being able to use this program on a touch screen computer is a key highlight for me.

MiShell support team are easy to work with and receive feedback happily and apply this to their ongoing improvements. They’re always keen to continuously improve to keep up with changing farm practices.


Who uses miShell?

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