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Can I get a demo or free trial?

Of course! Click on Request a demo, enter your contact details and any questions you may have.  Upon receipt we will get in touch and provide your with more information, or a login to a demonstration site.

What device and software will I need?

This app works on any device (IOS, Android, tablet, smartphone, desktop etc) that has a Chrome browser installed (Chrome is free from Google).  You will need a internet connection.  If you don't have internet access out on the boat, don't despair!  mishell has been designed to produce print-outs that can be used and then data can be entered later once you are back on shore with internet access.  This is the preferred method for some farmers. 

Is it expensive?

No, you only pay an annual subscription based on your stock levels and any other plug-ins.  No massive set-up costs. You can even set up your own farm on miShell with our video tutorials and online help.

How do I get on-board or setup?

You can set yourself up for free using online HelpCentre and tutorials.  As each farm is different you need to go through this process to enter your farm configuration into miShell.  Some farmers or regions may negotiate an onsite trainer (at cost).  Please Contact us for more information.

What support do you provide?

We provide an online help resource in the app called the HelpCentre, which is being updated continuously based on user feedback.

We also provide an online feedback feature which enables you to provide feedback or ask questions while you are using the app.

You can also contact us via email:

Is this the best farm management software tool for me?

Well that is up to you, but what we aim to provide is a tool that :

  • is cheap, easy to use and useful

  • is simple for you to get yourself on-board for free

  • has a strong farm analysis tool to help prioritise your work effort and make sure you are keeping ahead

  • designed to manage from small single sites to large multi-sites

  • provides true traceability to assist in performance improvement & credentialing, farm to plate

  • is customisable so you can run your farm, your way

  • is growing in features and capability

What if I don't want to keep using it?

It's OK, don't pay your annual subscription if you don't want to use it.  Annual subscriptions will not be refunded.

We can keep your records for a period of time and advise how to print or download.

Can I migrate from spreadsheets or another system?

Yes! We have data input tools and methodology to transfer your data easily and ensure setup is correct.

What will miShell be like in the future?

We have some really cool stuff planned for miShell in the future.  There will be some plug-ins or add-onsand some new core functionality added.  Watch this space!

I am a South Australian Oyster Grower - tell me more?

As an SA Oyster Grower you are entitled to a discounted annual subscription - why? Because SAOGA helped to build the system!

Contact us and mention this in your email.

How do I find out more information?
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