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About Us

miShell is the outcome from the OysterHub project, a South Australian Industry project to develop a cloud-based farm management tool for oyster farmers.

This project was led by Ken Rowe, contributed to by South Australian growers plus various stake holders, and part-funded by the SA Government.

The aim was to deliver a cheap and accessible, easy to use and useful farm management tool that will assist in more productive oyster farms and become a platform for the future.

Ken Rowe, has over 20 years in Information Technology industry and more than 12 years in Aquaculture.  With his oyster farm on Kangaroo Island, he and his partner Amanda, have followed their passions (after family), being;


  • Ocean farming of sustainable & positive impact aquaculture to provide future foods to the world; and


  • Provision of technology 4.0 to real farmers that want to be 'Smart Farmers' without becoming tech nerds!

"If you can hammer a nail in with it then it is useful, otherwise it better do something else pretty handy" says Ken.

miShell was designed to be cheap to access, easy to use (with wet fat fingers!) and do something useful so that farmers can get on with growing their stock better.

After many years and iterations, miShell is now commercially available to all the oyster growers and ocean farmers around the world.

Check out our Media page for more info on the OysterHub project and miShell app.

Version 1.3 is due for release early 2020.


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