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use anywhere, anytime, any device

miShell runs using Google Chrome on desktops, tablets/iPads and smartphones so you can choose the tool that works for you best at the time.  Skipper can use a smartphone or tablet out on the boat; if there is no internet out on the water use miShell's suite of printed reports; back at the shed updating info - you may decide to use the desktop for a bigger screen - even better install a large screen in the crib-room so that all the staff can see what needs to be done this week!  Decided to have a day off and let the troops do the work - use your smartphone or tablet to check the worklist and discuss with team. It's your choice!

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customise your tool

miShell doesn't tell you how to run your farm - but it will help you to run it, your way!  View your farm the way you like it: simple colour-coded graphics for visual analysis; standard or customisable lists; or export to .pdf or excel spreadsheet.

easily manage your farm - remotely!

Get rid of the whiteboards and spreadsheets, miShell will revolutionise how you and your team work.  Transparency of work undertaken and completed, grading plans, work schedules it's all there!

full stock traceability

miShell cleverly tracks stock movements and grades for stock traceability enabling credentialing, ocean to plate validation, inter-farm translocation, biosecurity risk management & stock/line performance history.

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stock management

miShell enables you to easily manage your stock by alerting you to stock that is overdue a grade.  Apply filters to your stock to create grade or work lists.   Use the work schedule tool to make sure time is spent on priorities.  See your best lines.  Track batches to identify best performers.  Keep watch on mortality rates.  Record observations on stock sampling and infrastructure maintenance required, even attach photos for future reference!

get detailed reports

miShell has a realtime dashboard that allows you to see your entire farm, stock & value snapshot, at a glance.  Understand your real-time stock position and then dive deeper into your farm with detailed reports providing insights to make informed decisions e.g. forecasting and historic performance of stock.  Charts and graphs make analysing your data easy. Ability to export data to CSV (excel) for even deeper analysis.

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manage your data securely

miShell offers different levels of access, from deckhand to manager, so that you can decide who sees your data and to what level!  Collaborate with your team and your accountant & business partners online through miShell.  Simple, secure data management in the cloud. 


miShell has been designed as a platform with the capability to enable integrations and plugins with 3rd party apps specific to your needs providing better insights helping you make informed decisions when managing your farm.

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