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Oyster Farms

miShell is designed to be affordable for all farmers. Our pricing is an annual subscription per farm, and is based on the highest stock levels held on your farm throughout the year. Corporate entities with multiple farms (farms managed separately or in different regions) will require a subscription for each farm as part of a negotiated Enterprise subscription - but will benefit from a discount on each additional farm.


AUD $350 pa*

($29.16/month) inc GST

Suitable for small,

single farm operations

Single User

Managing up to

2 million oysters 


AUD $560 pa* ($46.66/month) inc GST

Suitable for medium,

single farm operations

Multiple Users

Managing between

2 - 5 million oysters


AUD $820 pa*($68.33/month) inc GST

Suitable for large, single farm operations

Multiple Users

Managing more than

5 million oysters



Suitable for hatchery

to multi-farm operations with multiple farms managed separately or in different regions within same entity and/or custom requirements.

Multiple Users

Managing spat growth

through to sale. Custom features.

* South Australian Oyster community benefits from a subscription discount as per Industry Agreement. Available upon request through demo.

Translocation Only licences available for some communities to enable regulated movement of stock.  Please contact us for more information.

System support includes online support and updates.  Additional plug-ins may become available at an additional cost.

Prices subject to change without notice at any time.

Contact us for more information in managing other species.

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